helping people care for special needs pets

Q) Where do I apply for help?
A) The first step is to fill out our application. Find it here.

Q) How do you determine who gets help?
A) We determine who gets help after an application is submitted. We connect with the applicant and the vet in charge of the diagnosis. We look at a variety of things including need, prognosis, and long-term care plan.

Q) How much financial relief do you offer?
A) Financial relief is determined case-by-case and is offered as a one-time grant.

Q) What are the minimum requirements to qualify for help?
A) The following must be met to be considered.

  • diagnosis and positive prognosis verified by your vet, with records submitted
  • the ability of the applicant to care for their pet long-term
  • demonstration that the applicant cared for the animal with a sense of urgency
  • ability of applicant to pay for part of the treatment
  • applicant documents and attests to need for financial support
  • written estimate for treatment
  • consent that we can share your story
  • pet must be spayed or neutered

Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

Q) What do you consider “special needs”?
A) Unexpected, acute, short or long-term medical issues that impact the pet’s quality of life beyond things normally associated with aging.

Q) What does not qualify?
A) We stay focused on our mission.

  • We are not resourced to handle emergency procedures.
  • We do not fund initial exam/diagnosis visits.
  • We do not fund routine visits or medications.
  • We do not fund standard care items or supplies like food.

Q) Do you provide financial support to individuals directly?
A) No. We work directly with vets, hospitals, and equipment providers.

Q) Do you offer immediate funding?
A) We are a very small, volunteer-only organization and do not have the resources to support immediate emergency procedures. It will typically take us a few days to be able to evaluate applications, talk to vets, and respond with a decision and funding. We will consider reimbursement after an emergency procedure.

Q) Do you only work with certain vets?
A) We work across the continental United States.

Q) What equipment do you have?
A) We currently have limited items that help with mobility including ramps, socks, boots, and steps. We request that you donate your items after use to your vet/hospital or PT/rehab center.

Q) I want to help. Tell me how.
A) There are multiple ways to help!

  • Donate here
  • Volunteer oppportunities are here
  • We no longer accept equipment donations unless you are in the California Bay Area. If you have any equipment to donate, we recommend offering it to your vet/hospital or PT/rehab center. This saves on shipping and environmental impact while helping someone local.

Q) Are donations tax-deductible?
A) Yes. We are a 501c3 non-profit and our tax ID is 86-3836459.